5 Things You Should Do Before Demolishing a Building

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A demolition job might seem like the easiest and fastest part of carrying out any type of construction work with a professional demolition seeing a building dismantled and completely removed from a site in a day or twos.

In cases where renovation is to take place (where large parts of a building will be maintained) the process may take a bit longer.

How Do I Go About Getting the Job Done Properly?

And while demolishing may be fast and somewhat cluttered, it doesn’t mean that it has to be mindless and uncomplicated. There are a few things you should think over prior to the time that any demolition starts. From going it alone to hiring experts in waste removal in Bishops Stortford, below are 5 points that you really should consider before taking any action:

1 – Doing it By Yourself

If you have no experience in such a matter, you really should think twice before going it all alone. This is certainly not a back garden shed or Lego, but a properly structured building! And indeed, it may look easy enough and cheaper to do it alone, but this is similar to surgery. An experienced demolition team knows exactly what must be done, do you?

2 – Take Your Neighbours a Present

Before any demolition begins, do yourself a little favour and take around a bottle of wine to your closest neighbour friends and tell them what will be happening soon. Good manners cost absolutely nothing and as there is going to be noise and dust galore, having the understanding and good patience of your lovely neighbours will be in your best interests.

3 – Make a Trip

It might just be a grand idea to live somewhere else when demolition time is going on as there will be dust everywhere. Why not take a trip to a nice place?

4 – Building Inspection

Now you know that it’s better to get the professionals in, ask the builders exactly what the inspection requirements will be where you live. There are laws that older buildings must be examined prior to demolition for the likes of:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead paint
  • Mould
  • Rotted wood
  • Other hazardous materials

If your building has any asbestos or lead paint anywhere, the proper measures will have to be carried out during the demolition.

5 – Disposing of Debris

Getting rid of the mountain of debris from a demolition job is next and obviously you will wish to leave the site in a cleared and clean state. This will mean that the cleaning up and disposal of all the fallen remains, which is left over from the demolition job must be seen to by a professional waste removal service.

And when it’s all said and done

The above advice should be enough to provide you with what you need to know you’re your demolition time at last arrives and may it go as smooth as pie!

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