6 easy steps to choose a trusted realtor

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Dealing with real estate is always connected with putting in a lot of time and effort. If you’re going to sell, rent or buy a house, then one of the crucial steps is to choose a realtor. The following article will provide you with useful tips on finding a reliable real estate agent.


1. Make use of the Internet. This way, you’ll keep your personality on secret and you’ll be able to compare marketing plans of various realtors before you make a choice. Also, you can approximately estimate the value of your property.


2. Look for real estate agencies in any newspaper or yellow pages. However, don’t call the first number you see there. Choose a few telephone numbers, taking into account the following guidelines:


Check out reviews and recommendations. Ask your friends, relatives and colleagues, maybe, some of them have already worked with real estate companies. In this case, they can give you contacts of a professional expert and warn about troublesome agencies.
Be careful with positive reviews, posted on the Internet, especially those lacking any names and details.


Select a realtor with considerable experience. The quality of services greatly depends on how much time this person has spent in this field. An optimal choice is a real estate agent with working experience from 5 to 10 years.


3. Get the initial consultation. Give a call to shortlisted candidates with the aim to get the first consultation and ask all questions you want, e.g. if you can sell the indoor and outdoor furniture together with the house. This step will help you get confident in the expertise of the realtor since the consultation should be clear and expanded. If an agent is trying hard to invite you to the office for a full consultation or to sign a contract, just hang up on this individual.


4. Meet a realtor in a neutral place. When you choose the real estate agent, arrange to meet him or her. Remember that an expert cares more about your comfort, so he or she won’t persuade you to visit the office or press the services upon you. It’s better to meet somewhere in a café or in the park, so that you’ll happen to be in the same conditions.


5. Focus on large real estate agencies with considerable financial provision. Such companies have certain standards of dealing with clients and ethical rules to meet the requirements of the customers. Certainly, you might come across incompetent realtors even in a big firm, but chances of this are a lot lower than in the case with a small broker’s office.


6. Ask your realtor to give you a typical contract to look through. Before you pay any money, make sure you scrupulously read the contract. The best idea is to take home this document before signing and carefully examine all clauses of agreement and if possible consult a lawyer. If there is anything you don’t agree with, discuss a possibility to introduce changes with your agent. Lastly, read all info in tiny print – hidden costs and troubles might wait for you there.


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