A Guide to Choosing a London Builder

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Choosing a good builder is never an easy exercise. It is a tricky task, especially if you are in highly populated and well-known cities such as London. The quality of the builder you choose will largely influence the quality of building you get, and this is why you need to be extremely careful in deciding the right person for the job. However, with our help and by making use of some of the useful tips to be highlighted below, you are assured not to make any regrettable decision in selecting the proper builder for your project in the city of London.

Personal recommendations

The personal recommendation remains the most effective way to find a good builder in London. Approach friends, family as well as neighbours and ask them to recommend reliable builders they know or have worked with before. Do your research extensively and try to ascertain the quality of the builders’ costs, artistry, effectiveness, reliability and every other thing necessary for you to know about them.

Trade bodies and associations

There are certain reputable trading associations for builders such as the Federation of Master Builders, the Guild of Builders and Contractors, and the National Federation of Builders. While it is not a must for a builder to be part of trade bodies and associations, it is, however, a good indicator for you as a consumer as it offers a level of protection and certainty as regards the quality of the builder you intend to choose.

Experience and qualifications

Before deciding to go with any particular builder in London, you need to be certain of their experience and qualifications. Have they handled any important projects in London? What qualifications do they possess? What is their reputation with previous customers? Were the customers satisfied with their service or not? All these and much more are some of the important questions you should ask. If possible, you can meet up with some of their previous clients in case of any form of dishonesty on the builder’s part.

Online search

While largely risky, you still have a good chance of finding some very reputable builders in London through careful and rigorous online search. There are certain websites such as trustmark.org.uk and ratedpeople.com which are places where you can meet highly rated traders and businessmen, including builders who are certified to have the requisite skills and knowledge for various kinds of projects. However, this is not enough. You still need further research to determine their quality and reliability.

Legal framework

What legal frameworks (particularly insurance) are in place in case things go south? You should never contract with any builder without a comprehensive insurance scheme to mitigate the effects of any potential damage or loss.

Payments and work phases

How should the work be done? In what stages would you like it to be and in what phases are payments to be made? These and much more are the necessary things you have to determine before selecting the proper builder for your project in the city of London.

With the aforementioned points, you should be able to seamlessly choose a London builder for high-quality building services.

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