A guide to gas safety certificates

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It is easy to overlook certain areas and to only deal with immediate concerns and emergencies. Broken pipes and damp and falling wallpaper are apparent and require attention. Faulty gas piping and equipment may be too subtle to notice, but the consequences of not noticing will be far from subtle.

Don’t worry; you are not the only person to ask the question ‘what is a gas safety certificate?’ It isn’t something that registers with people when they assess their properties for repairs and updates. The main thing is to read on for general guidance and learn about health and safety regulations which will keep you and your property safe from any potential hazards. It is also relevant that you get the right information about Gas Safety Certificates, which will help keep you well-informed.

If you are a landlord, homeowner, commercial developer or would like some general information on health and safety laws then read on.

Exactly what is a Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety certificate is a report provided by a competent gas engineer proving that your property adheres to safety regulations. It legally documents all safety checks performed on your gas installations, dates of checks and faults rectified (or required to be rectified). It isn’t always a legal requirement for an engineer to provide this report but is beneficial to ask for one or to hire an engineer that is to provide one. When it comes to gas safety it would make sense for full documentation to be available at any time.

There are varying legal requirements depending on what the property is used for and who owns the property. By researching your responsibilities it may save you from costly repercussions. It is not sufficient to verbally state that this has been done; it must be produced in writing whenever requested by a tenant or authority.

When a tenant asks, what is a gas safety certificate? And what does it mean to me? It is important to remember that no matter how ‘perfect’ a property is for your needs, if it supplies gas then a certificate should be included within all contractual terms and conditions. Having a ‘perfect’ property includes having a perfect energy source with no safety hazards.

Sometimes the landlord isn’t aware of this regulation, possibly due to the landlord letting out his own home for the first time. It is no excuse, but make sure that you discuss the concern with the owner and hire an engineer yourself (with payment to be invoiced to landlord) or ask the landlord to hire an engineer to check all installations prior to moving in.

Finally, when asking what is a gas certificate? Be aware that a service is not quite the same as a safety certificate. A safety check will assess installations for hazards; a service will then clean all installations to optimize output and longevity. It really does make frugal sense to ask an engineer for service at the same time of having a safety check.

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