Atlantica Condos

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A perfect beach is the ideal dream location for the vacations and is exactly what you need so you can spend some of your time at the most beautiful spot and can watch the sunrise or sunset and forget the worries of your life for some time and you can spend the vacation either renting some condo near the beach or you can also buy one so you can go there whenever you feel like and it would be a great investment for you too because we know how much worth these properties usually have. If you live in South Carolina then consider yourself lucky because you have one of the most beautiful beaches right there, the Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach is the perfect place for you to spend your vacation and invests in some condo and also there are a lot of condos in the Myrtle Beach and one of them is the Atlantica Condos.

Atlantica Condos

Atlantica Condos is one of the best condos near the Myrtle Beach and they are the perfect spot for you if you want to spend some relaxing time at the Myrtle Beach alone or with some family or friends. The Atlantica Condos is a 14 story building and also right there at the Beach. The Atlantica Condos are located right on the strip and near the Broadway at the Myrtle Beach. It is right at the prime location where all the convention centres are present and all the other restaurants are present. There are almost more than 1700 restaurants in that town which you can visit at you vacation there.

Condos features

The Atlantica Condos features are exactly why you should choose the Atlantica Condos and these condos are really amazing and comfortable. These Atlantica Condos are 2 bedrooms unit and are fully furnished and have all the facilities in it and if you are looking for some alone time when there are also one bedroom units available in which you can easily survive. Following are the amenities that come with the Atlantica Condos

  • Indoor pools
  • Sundeck
  • Cascading 10ft waterfall
  • Whirpool Spa
  • On-site restaurant
  • Lazy River.

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