Buying property on the island of Zakynthos, together with zakynthos real estate

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Looking for a house in Greece on the beach or holiday apartments? Are you planning to invest in an apartment for further renting? Alternatively, maybe you are looking for an ancient castle, a small island, an estate with an ancient olive grove and vineyards, a plot of land for building? Then you are exactly to us Buy property on the island encourages and excellent climate, and incredible beauty of nature, and the warm sea, and a wide range of housing options. Among the factors of attractiveness, the key position is taken by prices, which are recognized as among the lowest in the EU.


The island of Zakynthos represents two rows of mountain ranges, between which stretches the emerald valley. Due to the nature of the soil, there are many artesian springs on the territory of the island. Greek and Venetian poets repeatedly sang Ancient Island of fairytale beauty, and the best artists tried to transfer even a piece of its magnificence to the canvas. Mighty pines, magnificent greenery, golden dunes, strange ridges of mountains, vineyards, cozy settlements with narrow streets, orange groves – Zakynthos has been a source of inspiration for creative people for hundreds of years.


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The island is of special value for the Greeks: it is not only an unusually beautiful place, but also the birthplace of the greatest Dionysius Solomos, the poet and author of the Hymn of Freedom. On the main square of Zakynthos, named after Dionysius, a monument erected reminding the Zakynthians of his talent.


And did you know that there is a marine reserve in Zakynthos with the rarest kind of turtles?


The island of Zakynthos is the habitat of the sea turtles of Caretta-Caretta, which are included in the red book. For millennia, these reptiles, reaching a length of one and a half to two meters in length and 150 kg, lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of Zakynthos and Marafonisi. You are obliged to embark on a small boat trip to the habitat of these turtles and see these amazing creatures alive.


Picturesque coves bordered by golden rocks, and bright blue waves – landscapes of Zakynthos are found on postcards throughout the earth. Particularly well-known photograph of the Bay of Navajo with the skeleton of the ship. Zakynthos is so rich in picturesque panoramas that any unforgettable and fantastic view of the rocks, the sea, golden coasts or bright green vegetation opens from any, even the most hidden corner.


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