Converting Your Loft into Cash

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Loft conversion in a home can add tremendous cash value when it’ time to put the home on the market. After a loft conversion, your home has significantly more space, which can work to your financial benefit.

Why Do a Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion can actually add up to twenty percent value to your home. If you plan on selling your home and feel the need to make major improvements to make it a hot commodity, adding a loft can make a huge difference. Lofts add valuable living space, which means more market value. Additionally, they are less expensive and even less disruptive than adding an extension to your home.

Is My Loft Usable?

To assess whether or not you can use your loft and convert it, you’ll want to consider three things:

  • Internal height
  • Pitch of the roof
  • Footprint of existing loft space

If you’re unsure whether or not your loft meets requirements for conversion, speak with builders in SK8 who can offer their professional advice and assess your space for you.

How Can I Use the Space?

Many use their loft conversion space as an office, play area, or additional bedroom for a growing family. No matter how you use it, keep in mind that it may have slanted parts to the ceiling, which might inhibit the furniture you can buy. This might also help you determine how to best use the room and make the choice as to whether or not you want to change up some of your current living space to take advantage of what the loft can provide.


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