Do manufactured homes go up in value?

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Thinking about buying a home?

There are many things to consider when buying a home. Do you want a brand new or used home. Do you want lots of property, little property, or virtually none, with a condominium. You must first decide what you want before starting to look. The prices vary a great deal, according to size and age of home, and also the size of the land with it. Locations makes a difference too. Make a budget plan, then go from there.

The pros and cons of buying new.

The pros are, if you are building it, you get to decide how and what you want in it. Everything is brand new. The cons are prices, which can be a lot steeper, when buying new. Another thing, is the landscape. It is usually nonexistent. You will have to wait for mature trees, and shade,and purchase flowers, bushes, stone, mulch, and possibly sod,for a lawn.

The pros and cons of buying used.

When buying used, the prices are a little cheaper, but not always, just depends on the area. You have to really do some homework to find out how old everything is in the house. Do you need a roof, new appliances? What about the carpet? You also need to check the structural integrity, and look for bugs. All that aside, a used house can have great potential. You get it cheaper, and can change it to be the dream house you always wanted, without the cost.

Taking a nontraditional route.

Buying a home, does not mean you have to buy a “stick built” house. Manufactured housing has come a long way, from living in a trailer. These are homes that are typically built in a factory, and shipped, usually in two pieces. They are brand new, and about half the cost of the same “stick built” sized home. Everything is brand new, and generally comes with a central heating?air unit as well. The best part, is your home can be bought, shipped, and moved into, in about a month, whereas traditional built homes, takes months, and months, sometimes even a year.

Do manufactured homes lose value?

This has always been a question asked of potential buyers. It is said that yes they depreciate, more than appreciate. However, a good many times, this is not the case. It all depends on where you put this said home. In a park, yes, it can depreciate, if you don’t keep updating inside, or the whole area around it becomes undesirable. If you put a model on more than one acre, it will always have desirability. If you can get any piece of land for a good deal, you will always be on top, with appreciation.

Should you live in a park?

If you are a single, elderly, or even a family, parks are good options. There are plenty of neighbors to make friends with. This is good for the elderly, as there is always someone to check on them. Manufactured home parks are springing up everywhere now. They are basically neighborhoods overnight. They have recreational areas, parks, swimming pools and even fishing ponds. Most have club houses too, for communities, and/or private parties, as well.

Where can you find manufactured homes for rent in Gardner?

There are plenty of places to find manufactured homes for rent in Gardner, Kansas. There are those on single properties, and also parks as well. You can find them with all different prices, and options on lease purchases as well. Opt for one in a family park, you will be glad you did.


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