Do You Need a Driveway Gate

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A driveway gate can enhance the security around a property, and therefore is a bespoke accessory that is always appreciated by homeowners. Gates are designed to provide ingress and egress for a variety of vehicles, including cars, boats, and trailers. You can also purchase gates in motorised or manual system designs. Depending on your needs, a gate may be installed in a hinged or sliding configuration. Customised premium gates typically feature welded frames. They also highlight upgraded hardware and posts.

Gates with Hinged Designs

When choosing a gate, you need to consider the style and amenities as well as the amount of use the gate will have. Gates that feature hinges are offered in heavy-duty galvanised styles. These premium hinges are sandblasted and powder-coated to match the frames and posts of a gate.

Do You Need Jockey Wheels for Your Gate?

If you are choosing one of the lighter driveway gates in Perth, you can choose from hinges that highlight light or heavyweight designs. If your gate is wide, jockey wheels can be added to offer extra support and an easier operation. Jockey wheels are not recommended for motorised designs, though.

What Type of Tracking Do You Need?

If you are installing a gate on a driveway that is paved, or not level, you may want to consider the addition of inset tracking. If the driveway is level or paved with concrete, a surface track option is advised.

Add an Extra Layer of Security

You can also choose a fully automated gate to add to your security and privacy. Not only can you control the gate within your home, you can also see who is outside the gate by viewing a video intercom. The added security feature can be used in combination with a pedestrian or driveway gate.

Some of the Amenities of an Automated Design

An automated gate is opened and closed from a hub called a master station. The video monitoring that is featured offers pan, zoom, and tilt features as well. To ensure additional security, still frames of visitors can be saved so you can see who has dropped by your residence when you are away. A door station can also be situated next to a gate for added convenience. In addition, automated systems feature a keypad so the homeowner has direct access. This security package is designed with the latest in weather-resistant technologies, assuring the homeowner that the gate will remain operational.

The motorised gates that are offered for sliding and hinged gates normally operate using a 24-volt system. Motorised installations are recommended for gates that feature upgraded support posts and frames or where high wind gusts can occur. All motorised gates are typically outfitted with two remotes to ensure continued operation. Motorised gates that are hinged typically come with a key override feature as well as a high-duty cycle.

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