Great, Great Urban Renewal Projects Taking Place Right Now

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Amazing city revival projects are happening everywhere. They are inspiring to say the least. They show us how collaborative efforts can create masterpieces—even out of things once deemed to be derelict. Here are a few examples to further prove this point.

The Khazar Islands

This project is still underway with the completion date targeted somewhere between 2020 until 2025. The money allotted for it is $100 billion.

Forty-one islands spanning a 3000-hectare area in the Caspian Sea are under construction. On these islands, one million families will be housed. Fifty hospitals and 150 schools will serve these families.

The grand project also includes plans for the world’s tallest building, now called the Azerbaijin Tower. The tower and all the buildings that are being built here are designed to hold up against earthquakes with magnitudes as high as 9.0.

Jumeirah Garden

This is a project in Dubai costing about $95 billion, but due to the global financial crisis, the government decided to put it on hold. Twelve districts will be built here and about 60,000 residents will be accommodated.

Dubai expects to complete the project within the next 12 years. Those who want to live here will have to shell out large amounts of money due to the very expensive construction of houses. The government said that the project is meant to provide an example of high standards of sustainability to other cities.

Mumbai Industrial Corridor

Another project currently underway is the Delhi state-sponsored industrial development project. Funding allotted for this is $90 billion and the goal is to inspire economic progress and grow industries. The Indian government project would be able to provide jobs for about 100 million people for the next 10 years.

King Abdullah Economic City

One of best places to be in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia’s economic city. Access to other Arabian cities from here would be very easy. The economic city would only be an hour’s flight away from all capital cities and is also within driving distance from the holy places of Medina and Mecca.

The project is expected to bring in overseas and local investments and help with diversifying the country’s oil-dependent economy. It will produce 1 million jobs aimed to employ young citizens. Currently, 40 percent of Saudi Arabians are under 15.

The United Kingdom

The city of Manchester is said to be the miracle of miracles when it comes to urban regeneration. After World War II, the city suffered from deindustrialization and in the 1970’s when massive efforts were put to improve London’s economy, cities like Manchester were left out. To make their economies competitive again, they made use of their local assets and unique location.

Regeneration success is also happening in the coal-mining town of Rothertham where jobs, infrastructure projects for better transport, and sports facilities are being created.

Not to be missed is the decade old urban transformation that’s taking place in Cardiff. Birmingham also provides us with another great example. Like Manchester, Birmingham is showing us how establishing new urban centers can make declining cities vibrant again.

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