Home Air Conditioning Repair

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Having a perfect air condition every time is always desirable. But for home air conditioning repair all we need is to hire some good air conditioning repair companies so that our home air conditioner keeps operating every time without any problem. CS AC services is a name that you can surely trust regarding your air conditioning system repair. Currently, they are offering two different types of repair programs, in which they offer a bit different services from each other. The first program is basically one of the customers with normal repairs, this plan is named as Maintenance plus package. This type of plan is usually being provided before the season.

Maintenance plus Package

Like if you need your air conditioner for cooling purpose then you should get it repaired by Maintenance plus package before summer season starts, and same goes for winters as well. If you are regular customers of this company then you will be on priority as compared to other normal customers. In this package, CS AC Services will inspect condenser coil, and then will clean it as well if required. Furthermore, current and voltage will also be checked in the compressor and motor of the fan, because sometimes due to low voltage fan is still working, but compressor stop working due to which there is no cooling. After this, if there are any burned or bad electrical connection then they are also being repaired to make it sure there is no any such danger due to loose or bad electrical wiring connections.


Next, they will check for the air ducts, as due to continuous usage these air ducts could get a block with dust. And from time to time they need to be cleaned up. And of course, you yourself cannot open up the air conditioner to clean ducts. So, for this reason, these experts will do it for you from time to time. After this comes the air filter which could also get blocked due to dust consumption. And if you take this package then you will receive a discount of 10% from overall bill, but if you go for the premier package then there you will receive 20% off discount.

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