Hot Tub Etiquette and Common Sense – 10 Smart Pieces of Advice

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If you’re one of the lucky ones who owns a hot tub, then you’re probably already well aware of all the things that should and shouldn’t be done in and around the tub, such as issues of safety, care, and maintenance. However, if you’re looking at getting one installed any time soon, you should do some research into enjoying it to the max. How long should you stay in a hot tub? Is it alright to drink alcohol? Are children fine in the Jacuzzi as long as there is an adult around?

Let’s take a little look at some smart things you should do before getting into that glorious steamy tub.

  1. Take a Shower
  • Always take a nice soapy shower first to reduce the likelihood of adulterating the spa water and minimising any health risks as if you have any oils or moisturisers on your body, they can build up in the tub.
  • In colder climes, it’s not really necessary to drain it, so help to save yourself any extra costs of a repair bill by rinsing off before and after. And besides, isn’t it great to enter a nice clean tub?
  1. Try to Limit Your Soak Time

Limit soak times to no more than 15 to 20 and then cool down and re-enter if you wish.

  1. Spa Ventilation

If your hot tub is indoors and improperly ventilated, you might experience some slight throat or eye irritation. Natural ventilation or by employing an extractor fan will do the job. Have a chat with experts in hot tub installation in Surrey, about everything regarding top quality Jacuzzi products and more.

  1. Try to Limit Alcohol Usage

Yes, we’ve all seen the stereotypes in films and on TV that hot tubs and drinking are the perfect match. But you should try to refrain from drinking alcohol before or during spa use because it can make you drowsy and lead to accidents

  1. Get Advice from Your Doctor if you’re Pregnant

Women who are pregnant should consult a medical professional before taking a dip.

  1. Make Sure You Have Handrails and Non–Slip Surfaces

Handrails and non-slip surfaces are essential to minimise any risk of slipping and falling over. Don’t forget that wet surfaces are usually slippery, so take good care when entering and exiting your tub.

  1. Make Use of the Cover

Use the thermal cover when the spa is not being used, empty or full. Make sure to securely lock it down if you have children or pets around.

  1. Make Sure to Test Water’s Temperature

Simply test the water with your hand before entering the tub to make sure it is both comfortable and not too hot.

  1. Removal of Contact Lenses

Remove any contact lenses before getting into your hot tub. In spite of the chemicals in the water, wearing lenses can put you at higher risk for getting an eye infection and they may get steamed up.

  1. That’s Easy

Enjoy yourself big time!

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