How An Asbestos Surveyor Carries Out Their Job

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An asbestos surveyor has several tasks to complete an inspection. The end goal of any inspection is to make sure that all traces of this harmful substance have been removed from the building and that the occupants of the building are completely safe.

The new insulating material is then put into the building to make sure that people are warm but not at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

How does an asbestos surveyor carry out their job?

Look For Asbestos Installed In The Walls Of The Building

The first thing that the technician will do when performing asbestos survey jobs is to look for asbestos in the walls of the building. Asbestos used to be installed in buildings for insulation until it was found to be unsafe.

A surveyor will then direct skilled technicians to remove the asbestos whilst wearing protective clothing. Anyone living in the building will have to stay at a nearby hotel until it is safe for them to return to their property.

Inspect The Roof Cavity To See If Asbestos Has Been Used There

Asbestos may have been inserted into the roof cavity of the building during the previous decades. It is the job of the surveyor to pinpoint exactly where this has been done.

When the asbestos has been identified, it can be completely removed by some specialists who are using the right kind of protective clothing.

Check Under The Floorboards To See If There Is Asbestos There

An inspection needs to take the floorboards into account. Floorboards in the building need to be taken up so that the surveyor can look for asbestos, which will be near to the floorboards that have been taken up. Once the asbestos has been removed from under the floorboards, the owners can move back in.

Monitor The Asbestos Residue Inside The Building

Surveyors should check the asbestos residue that is in the building, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Specialist equipment needs to be used to monitor the asbestos residue. All of this residue can be cleared from the building.

The Overall Benefits Of This Asbestos Removal

Once asbestos has been removed from the building, the owners can continue to live there. The health of the inhabitants will be protected because the harmful asbestos has been completely removed.

  • The chance of cancer will be greatly reduced for the people living there.
  • People will have less chance of developing any breathing problems.
  • The inhabitants will want to stay in their home rather than moving anywhere else.

The Qualities Of The Surveyor

When the surveyor is doing their job, they need to be diligent when checking the walls, floorboards and roof cavities. Make sure that all of the asbestos has been identified and then make sure that the technicians remove everything. A follow-up inspection should be carried out to make sure that the building is completely free of asbestos. Good luck in finding this kind of job!

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