How to get the best rental apartment for you

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In the wake of the 2008 recession, the rate of homeownership has remained low. For that reason, more people are opting for rental homes. It has driven up the demand, making it difficult to find a rental home that suits one’s needs entirely. With proper planning, you can get the right home or apartment without having to settle for one that you don’t like.

Say you’re beginning a new job as a French tutor Scarborough staff and you need to relocate to a home closer to the school. How do you go about this in an efficient manner that will not cause stress to you and other people who might be involved?

Beginning the search early

Especially in a saturated housing market, getting a home on short notice is next to impossible. The best time to start looking is at least two months you’re due to move. The best time also is to look for at the beginning of the month where former tenants may have relocated at the end of the previous month.

Opting to do it at this time means you have a more extensive selection and less competition, increasing your chances of scoring a good home. Unless you can’t help it, do not look for a house or apartment out of desperation. You’re likely to overlook factors that are important to you just to get the space.

Don’t rely on the internet entirely

Online is an excellent place to start your search. It gives you a better idea of the type of home you can get and the pricing. Once you’ve settled on a location, you may have to make the journey physically especially if you’re moving to a different city or an area you’ve never been to. It allows you to know what amenities are near you and in the case of the tutor, the transportation and shopping options available.

Word of caution for those using the internet: do not fall for scams. They typically ask you for personal information including your credit card details and ask you to pay a deposit to view an apartment. You’re never supposed to pay to do so.

Get a real estate broker

When making the selection, find one that specialized in rental properties. You don’t have to stick with one right away. Find one that is conversant with the neighborhood you wish to relocate to and show they have access to and a relationship with the property owner or management. That means they can get you a coveted home by merely pulling the right strings especially when there’s tight competition.

When renting directly from a private person, be sure to do some research on the person before committing. That’s because they’ll be able to run a credit check on you using your bank account details and social security number. That then makes a licensed real estate broker the safer bet.


Don’t be afraid to use your networks; they are an even better place to start.

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