How to Let The Colour Of Your Home Enhance Your Wellbeing

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Colours can have a huge impact on mood and wellbeing. Here’s how to use colour in your home to create balance and positive energy.

Harnessing the power of colour is a great idea, especially when it comes to decorating your home. You spend a lot of time there so it makes sense to make the space as balanced and positive as possible.

Colour therapy works in lots of different ways and often it is based on the idea of the chakra. The chakra is a part of the body that is supposed to create a channel which your life force moves through (heavy we know, but stay with us) and there are seven chakras, each associated with different colour:

Base – Red

Sacral – Orange

Solar plexus – Yellow

Heart – Green

Throat – Blue

Forehead – Indigo

Top of The Head – Violet

Each of these chakras is also associated with different emotions, which is how we can use the colours of the chakras in the way we decorate the home. On the most basic level, cooler colours are calmer and hotter colours are more energetic. So you might have a cooler and calmer colour in your bedroom, but hotter colours in a space that you need energy such as your office (depending on how you work). You can also combine colours to provide different inspirations. So you might use greens in the bedroom because it connects with the heart, combined with some touches of indigo to connect with the imagination and dreaming. You may yellow wall tiles (see Décor Tiles) in the kitchen as it relates to the stomach, but include touches of green to connect to your passion for cooking.

The Benefits Of Using Colour Therapy

Colour healing can benefit us in the most basic way, with different colours enhancing or setting the mood in the home. Colours do impact our emotions and interact with our thinking and responses to provide a cue for how we feel. It relates to our basic perception of how colours relate to different temperatures, moods, textures and feelings. At the very least, using colour in the home in a deeper than visual application provides a much more interesting vein if inspiration. Decorating becomes more meaningful and impactful.

Beginners Tips For Using Colour In The Home For Enhancing Wellbeing

If you do want to use colour in the home to enhance the wellbeing of your family, take a look at these resources for inspiration:

There are colour therapy interior designers and decorators who can give you more guidance if you don’t know how to decorate your home in this way. The best thing to do is research and get an idea of how this form of decorating could work for you. Colour therapy used in the right way in the home can create a meaningful, positive and beautiful space that gives more than just appearance, trend or texture.

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