How to Make That Office Move Go Smooth

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There’s no doubt about it that one of the most important office moving pieces of advice is to make out an easily accessible checklist.

You may think that your memory is the best, but what about if you actually do forget something important? Any office move can be a slightly complex matter, so do yourself a favour and start with the checklist as you move on.

Lots of Clearly Written Labels

Write out one list of things which must be done, such as consulting and booking with professionals in office removal, and then confirm the costs and forwarding of every item. Also, make a note of each box and its contents.

  • Label every box with either a letter or a number and write down what’s inside the box next to its label and make things as clear as possible. This simple task will make unpacking that much easier.

Lots of Boxes

If moving office, have lots of boxes ready. It’s better to have more than you think you will require, and if you don’t use them, you can always give them back, reuse them or hand on to others. Ask professionals in office removals in Melbourne for more advice.

Breakables are Breakable

Keep lots of tape, paper and/or bubble wrap around to keep all fragile items in one piece.

  • You may find that more tape, paper and wrap will be required than you thought, so grab some extra.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Many people plain forget about the cleaning side of matters during an office move. A useful moving tip is to have a good cleaning kit, as you will probably have to clean the office you are leaving and possibly even the one you’re moving to.

  • Use liquids, sponges, cloths, and rubber gloves, which you normally clean things up with.

Key Matters

Advice on moving would not be complete without mentioning the storage of important keys. Try to put all keys, the old and the new, on two different key rings. Don’t leave them in envelopes, boxes or pockets, as it’s just too easy for them to fall out without you knowing.

  • Only remove any keys when it’s time to give them to other people or put them somewhere safe in the new office.

Important Documents and Hard Drives

Put all of your important documentation and hard drives in a safe and waterproof container, and ensure that they stay with you. Important things like documents and drives, security cards, leases, insurance, bank records, and phone numbers should be securely placed inside.

Don’t forget to move these items in a separate vehicle, because if they do happen to go astray, it’s will take a very long time to place each one of them.

And Away You Go

It’s not that difficult really, is it? Hope the advice above helps things move smoothly, and that your new office and move go just as you hoped it would!

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