Inherited a House? You Can Sell it Fast Without Hassle

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So you recently found out that your great grandmother left you a piece of farmland in Indianapolis only you live and breathe New York. While acquiring property is a blessing because it’s rare to have an asset plopped onto your lap nowadays without doing any work, sometimes you just can’t add it to your portfolio. It’s either you don’t find a need for it, it’s too far, or you are in debt need cash quick to pay it off.

For most people who sell an inherited house or land that they didn’t really want, getting the cash equivalent of that property quick is the goal. Whatever the reason for wanting to get hold of some money, there are companies that can help place a value on your existing property and even buy it from you. One such company that can sell your inherited house in Indiana is Five-Star Investment Group.

With all the taxes and maintenance fees that come with an inherited property, selling is often the smart solution. However, do so to a traditional buyer can be costly and could take too long. With a real estate investment company, you can have the cash on hand in just a few weeks. Here are four other reasons why you should consider “We Buy Houses” companies for your inheritance.

1. It doesn’t matter why you’re selling.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell off your inherited house or land, it doesn’t matter to this company. Maybe you are in dire need of funds quick to pay a ballooning debt, are trying to save your other home from foreclosure, have a medical emergency that comes with a huge bill, or just don’t want the house, “We Buy Houses” firms will buy it from you.

2. There’s no need for repairs.

You don’t need to make your inherited property look vibrant and pretty to make a sale. With traditional methods, you will need to hire a stager so your house looks appealing to buyers. However, with real estate investment companies, you sell the property on an as-is-where-is basis. No need to add that fresh coat of paint, replace chipped flooring, power-wash your exteriors, and any other renovation.

3. The entire process is easy.

Working with “We Buy Houses” firms is relatively stress-free and straightforward. Companies like Five-Star Investment Group will visit your property, assess its value, and pay you a fair price. They will also take care of most of the legal paperwork needed and will even cover the closing fees. When everything is completed, you get your money. All this can happen within just a few weeks.

Inherited a piece of property is great news, indeed. But, sometimes, it’s just not the right fit for you. Fortunately, you sell and get good money for it, too. As long as you take the time to find a reputable real estate investor in Indianapolis or any other firm that covers your area, you’re well on your way to getting that extra cash you need.

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