Making an Investment in Cape Verde

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So you’re looking for a new property investment, but haven’t decided where to put your money yet. Have you considered an investment into Cape Verde? Also known as Cabo Verde, this small island nation lies off the west coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean, and just an hour away from the Canary Islands. This archipelago of ten islands experiences year round temperatures of 25-30oC, with pristine white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, tourism is the name of the game. The amount of visitors to the islands has increased by over 115% in twenty years. A property investment here is a solid one.

The Perfect Holiday Destination

Located around 350 miles west of Senegal on mainland Africa, this island archipelago group is perfectly situated for a beach holiday. The weather is milder than over in Africa, because the surrounding ocean moderates the temperatures. The main two islands know for beaches are Sal and Boa Vista, to the northeast of the archipelago. Sal is currently the most popular island for tourism, with most of the resorts developed here. However, many of the newest resorts are being built on the island of Boa Vista, and tourism is expected to increase here.

Getting there is Simple

The country boasts four international airports, so it’s easy to get to. There are also a further three airports for domestic flights, meaning that seven of the ten islands are accessible by flight. Three of the international airports have opened since 2000 (with the original opened in 1939). The national carrier, TACV, has daily flights to Lisbon in Portugal, and also weekly departures to other European destinations, and also Boston, USA. It is also possible to reach Cape Verde directly from London, Birmingham, and Manchester with Thomson.

Where to invest

Now that you’ve decided on Cape Verde as your investment destination, the next step is to decide where exactly to put your money. Investing into the island of Boa Vista is a smart choice, and now you can discover how to boost your returns with the White Sands Hotel & Spa. This hotel is a brand new resort due to be completed by the end of next year, so now is a great time to invest before the doors open. This is a stunning 5-star development offers a 12/7/5 property option. You will first see a 12% assured return on your investment until the hotel opens its doors in 2018. Then you will receive a 7% guaranteed net rental yield for the following five years. After this time, you have the option to resell the property.

A property purchase in Cape Verde is a fantastic investment. Tourism is on the rise, and three new international airports have opened since 2000, making the outer islands more readily accessible. The main island for tourism is Sal, but just next to there the island of Boa Vista is ripe for investment. Construction on the White Sands Hotel & Spa began in late 2015, and doors are due to open in 2018. Now is the best time to invest to take on the attractive 12/7/5 offer.

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