Meet A Strong Name To Reckon With In The Commercial Construction Arena Of The USA

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Business leaders in the commercial construction industry play a vital and crucial role when it comes to the development of the company. These leaders are considered to be role models for their peers and employees. Some go the extra mile to make a positive difference to the fate of their company and manage to establish a strong presence across the nation. These professionals are passionate about their work and the growth and development of the company they are associated with.

Meet an inspiring role model in the USA

Lloyd Claycomb II is the founder, CEO and the Chairman of The United Builders Services Inc. in the USA. He founded the company in 1978 and today has a presence in 12 states across the nation. When it comes to the arena of commercial construction in the USA, he says that it is a very competitive field and people have high expectations from companies like his that deal with it. He says that he takes a personal interest in all the projects that his company looks after and until date they have managed over 50,000 construction projects across the nation.

The secret to his success and the growth of the company

If you ask Mr. Claycomb the secret to his success, he never takes the credit for himself. He says that he has been endowed with a skilled and experienced team of experts from all the fields of the construction industry for all kinds of commercial projects. The team here has worked on religious, government, educational and other commercial projects on a large scale. They are passionate about their work and this is why they are very productive in the field. At the same time, they are aware of the current market trends that help them to understand the projects at hand better.

Effective team management for successful completion of projects

The team management is very good at the United Builders Services Inc. The team are aware and focused on the common goals at hand. They meet frequently to discuss the needs and other salient features of the projects that they work on. In addition to this, it is crucial for all of them to be open to new ideas to benefit the project. Time management is essential and the budget of the project should be maintained at all costs.

Any construction project that lacks proper financial management ends up becoming time consuming and it becomes hard to complete the project on time. Clients should be communicated on every little detail of the project so that there are no misunderstandings. Reports should be sent and the lines of communication should be open and transparent. He says that even if the issue is small, it is mandatory for the team to ensure that the matter is communicated to the client and vendor effectively.

Lloyd Claycomb II says that the mode of communication should also include the process of active listening. This will urge direct communication and the lines of misunderstanding will not delay the project.

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