Nine Reasons to Invest in Abu Dhabi

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Located inside Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island is home to many beautiful properties just waiting for an ambitious and clever investor to take up and put to good use. No matter if this is your first time investing in foreign property or just one of many new projects, this is the type of investment that can permanently change your life for the better. Real estate is a type of ongoing investment, as the market will change often from one year to the next, and is a great way you can pull in monthly income such as renting out the property purchased.

The Market

The market for real estate in the UAE is absolutely amazing, and expatriates may buy from many areas in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat, Reem Island, Raha Beach, Hydra, and more. Abu Dhabi is home to a wide range of real estate opportunities, allowing you to invest in the type of properties you truly find interesting and worth your while. The act of buying property there is fairly simple and quick. Many thousands of transactions are already completed and the banks and the developers are highly skilled, experienced, and secure enough to give you peace of mind as you add investments to your portfolio.


Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to start if you want to begin seeing monthly returns on which you can build a steady income for yourself and possibly a family. Some property investments in Abu Dhabi can bring you more than seven percent net returns on your money, which is an excellent percentage. There are few bank accounts or funds in any corner of the globe that can bring you the same level of return. You may also find the potential to leverage your investment to increase returns even more, even if you see your property appreciate modestly in value.


As it is true for any type of investment, there are booms and consolidation periods, but Abu Dhabi is one of the most stable assets you can choose, especially compared to other locations around the world. Property prices and monthly rent rates have recovered well beyond those of even the neighbouring countries since the global slowdown. You can also rest easy knowing that the emirate never went into recession, as some other areas of the world did, due to its income from oil and large capital reserves. Since 2008, the UAE has taken careful preventative steps designed to avoid any formation of future bubbles, and this is also a great reason you can trust your investment to pay out.

Future Prospects

Abu Dhabi is currently seeing a boom in population and supply due to its extensive infrastructure expansion project, including the Etihad Rail, the Midfield Terminal, Etihad Airways, the Louvre, and Guggenheim, which will continue to bring in more and more job opportunities. With each passing year, the population of Abu Dhabi will continue to grow, allowing you a great opportunities to see some of the best returns on foreign real estate investment you may ever see. With this opportunity in mind, you simply must consider this your next stop for a great addition to your portfolio. However, there may already be a long line of investors looking into properties as you read this, so you must act quickly to capture your chance.


Unlike other areas of the world, in which rent is to be paid on a month-to-month basis, tenants of Abu Dhabi pay the entire year of rent upfront using only one or two cheques, with the second being post-dated. This is a significant difference, as you will ensure security of income and some safeguard against the loss of returns due to tenants leaving the property early. No longer will you need to worry about any tenants suddenly breaking their rental contracts and leaving you without monthly income for one or more units while you attempt to find another tenant.


The real estate laws passed in Abu Dhabi are exceptionally landlord friendly, allowing you enough to room get the most return for your investment and simplifying the process of setting up your new property. Rent raises are not capped and you should see no real difficulty in evicting tenants once they reach the end of their lease term, aside from a two-month notice. This will allow you to focus on taking actions in the best interests of your investment, and will also help you to avoid months of frustrating roadblocks while you attempt to get anything done.

A Second Home

It may be that you simply want to move to a new part of the world in which luxury and beauty can be found, as well as all the modern advancements in technology and more. No matter if you plan to move here for work or just want to purchase or construct a second home in which you can spend your summers, Al Maryah Island is home to some of the most spectacular properties in the world. This is your opportunity to truly enjoy something amazing, no matter if you find yourself alone, with a romantic partner, or with your entire family.


Every real estate professional experienced in the art of foreign investment will inform you that right now is the perfect time to make a property purchase since your investment will appreciate in value with every passing year. This may very well see you become a millionaire overnight, but the truth of the matter is that no one can predict what may happen to your property once you make the purchase. The best thing you can do for your own interests is to invest in a property from which you can receive an ongoing income fit to cover your expenses with some left over for your needs. The result will be a significantly simplified and comfortable life, a place to visit whenever you wish to travel, and a portfolio you can be proud at the end of the day.

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