Real Estate: Tips On Selling And Buying A House

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Kevin Sheehan has over the years helped people find their dream homes. It is no secret that people prefer buying houses rather than all the time and hassle involved in constructing one. This in turn means fraudsters have seen a loophole and if not careful you will fall into the various traps set for a new home buyer. It can also be a nightmare for a seller to get the right buyer at the fairest price. You can relax and breathe a sigh of relief as all the key features you should observe are listed below.

What to look at as a buyer:

  1. Location

You should make sure the house is located as per your desires. Be keen on the neighbourhood, proximity to social amenities, nearness to any water bodies and more so a road.

  1. Maintenance of the house

Is the house in good shape or looks as if it’s a miracle that it can survive the wind? Make sure it looks fine as you don’t want to undergo extra costs of repairs.

  1. Size and space

Make sure the house is big enough for your needs and has space that you are comfortable with.

  1. Roof

Seems like a minor issue but this is one serious area you don’t want to regret later especially if woken up by
a leaking roof at the middle of night.

  1. Wiring

This is one very vital feature you should ensure your eyes are wide open to inspect. Bad wiring can be a health hazard to you, family or even your guest.

  1. Plumbing

Inspect the house for any leaks and make sure it doesn’t smell damp or have mould growing anywhere. Damp and mouldy surroundings can be a health danger to a child or elderly person.

  1. Foundation

Do a thorough inspection of the foundation and if possible involve a professional. Remember someone might be selling the house as it has a problem.

What to look at as a seller:

This is quite simple so the tips are easy to understand.

  1. Avoid over improvement as it might send out the message that your house is more costly.
  2. Do not overprice your property
  3. Be transparent on any flaws in the house
  4. Do not rush to make a sale.
  5. Hire professional agents to handle the sales
  6. Make sure the house is in the best condition.

With the above detailed tips, you should be comfortable making your first house purchase. Remember you are going to spend a considerable part of your time and life there.

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