Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Is Low Maintenance, Looks Great All Year Round, and Is Safe for the Whole Family

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Is your lawn struggling to come back to life after last winter? If so, you may want to consider contacting a landscaping company that specialises in turf to get your lawn back to its former glory. A great landscaping company will have many types of turf for you to choose from that are low maintenance, look great all year round, and are safe for both children and pets. This landscaping company will be able to offer its expert opinion on what type of grass will work best for your area and needs. Find a great landscaping company in your area today to learn more information and to receive a consultation.

Low Maintenance

The best type of grass is a type that requires little maintenance. One increasingly popular option is Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. This is an extremely resilient type of grass that works well in the sun and the shade as well as heat and frost. It feels very soft to the touch, which is great for home lawns. This turf also requires very little water, so you will not have to spend time outside watering your lawn any longer. Plus, you will not even have to cut it very often. This seems like the perfect variety of turf for homes and parks. Search for Sir Walter Buffalo Turf in Adelaide today to get started.

Looks Great All Year Round

When you install Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, your lawn will look lush and green all year round. You will no longer have to see your lawn turn brown and crunchy as it dies in the winter. This variety of turf can even survive through frosts! It truly is a great option for residential yards. If you do not know much about Sir Walter Buffalo Turf, find a landscaping company today that can install this type of grass to learn more information today.

Safe for Children and Pets

Some types of grass are itchy and course, but Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is extremely soft and pleasurable to touch and feel. This makes it perfect for front and back yards of family homes because children and pets often enjoy playing in the yard and rolling around in the grass. They will love to do that on your new turf! Some types of turf carry diseases or fungal infections, but you will not have to worry about that with Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. It is very safe for every member of the family. If you are in the market for new turf, or your landscaping needs refreshing, consider replacing your grass with Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. Just search for a great landscaping company in the area that offers this variety, and give a call to schedule your installation!


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