The Truth Behind The “We Buy Houses” Companies

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You’ve seen the ads on companies that offer to buy your house so they can fix it up and sell it again. These offers are actually legit and house flipping is a growing trend. House flippers usually advertise themselves with “We Buy Houses” or “We Buy Ugly Homes” to entice property owners to avail their services.

If you are looking to sell an unused property or just want to let go of your old house without troubling yourself with renovations, you might want to consider this option. House flipping companies purchase your asset on an as is-where is basis and the rate that you agree on will be based on the actual valuation of your home during the point of sale.

Some people criticize house flipping offers as too good to be true, but those who have experienced it know that the convenience it affords to owners is priceless. Of course, you don’t jump into the first deal that’s offered without giving it thought. It still depends on your research and due diligence to get the best value that makes all parties happy.

What Are House Flippers?

One of the easiest and fastest ways to seel your home is by working with companies that flip houses. You don’t have to do anything to your property to make this sale happen. There’s no need to clean, no need to renovate and make repairs, and no need to put ads out and try to convince buyers. In addition, “We Buy Houses” firms do not require closing and realtor fees, with some deals completing in just mere days.

House flippers’ job is to buy old or unused properties as they are and then apply renovations and fixes to boost their value. These homes are then put back in the market and sold for a profit. The value of the untouched property will depend on its location, size, existing features, and the amount of renovations that need to be applied.

Before deciding on which house flipper to work with, get referrals from friends and family, or search online for reviews from previous clients. Official websites will likely carry testimonials that have only good things in them. You might be able to find raw comments in forums and digital discussion boards or by word of mouth. “We Buy Houses” companies visit the property and assess its sale value. If you’re moving out of the country or are transferring to a new fully furnished home, you can also leave your old belongings with the house.

Tips On Working With “We Buy Houses” Companies

Only with with house flippers that have a known track record of refurbishing houses and getting them sold fast. Also find out if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau or have affiliations with the local government or reputable organizations. Their business has to have a verifiable physical address, as well. If you feel that the company you are interviewing is suspicious or if their claims do not add up, move on and find another company that is more transparent.

The market for residential properties is seeing a healthy increase, especially as more people are getting into the business of buying them and then selling them for a 20 or 30 percent gain after flipping them. The truth about house flippers is that they are not something you should totally dismiss when you’re looking to sell your home. There are plenty of house flippers, such as Blackjack Real Estate, that will be more than happy to assist with your needs.

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