Top 4 Advantages of Using a Letting Agent

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Many property owners don’t have the time to look after their premises, others just don’t know where to start when putting them up for rental. That is why many of us turn to letting agents to help make the process easier. They offer a range of services that make letting your property simple, from looking after paperwork to vetting potential clients.

Here are just some of the benefits of using an experienced letting agent.

  1. Expert Rental Assessment

Letting agents have an expert grasp on market conditions, so they know how to get the best possible price for your property. They will advertise your premises on a wide variety of websites, local papers and magazines letting customers know that there is an affordable home on the market. Marketing your property through a range of mediums lets tenants know your premises is available, helping to quickly find suitable clients to occupy your place. So, if you are offering rental properties in St Ives or Cambridgeshire, your letting agent will expertly assess your premises and attract the right type of tenants.

  1. Appropriate Tenants

If you decide to rent your property without a letting agent, you’ll find it time consuming when choosing a suitable tenant. You don’t have access to a database of potential tenants, so you’ll have to meet and assess each one individually. This is not only a time-consuming process but a costly one. An experienced and well-established local letting agent has the ability to evaluate numerous tenants, checking their background to find out who is the most suitable for your property. They’ll ensure you find someone who has a clean history and the financial capacity to pay whenever the rent is required.

  1. Flexibility

A reputable letting agent understands that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why they provide a flexible service for their clients. For example, so clients only need help sourcing tenants for their property, while others require additional services. Some may need assistance with multiple properties while others only require management services on a single unit. A good letting agent should be highly adaptable to needs of their clients, providing solutions that work for them.

  1. Property Management

Letting agents don’t just help you to rent your property, they also offer property management services which allow you to take care of your premises even when you are not around. Not every property owner has the time to maintain their property, that’s why they elect expert letting agents to assist with things such as pest control and a range of other common issues. Letting agents can liaise with your tenants to ensure they know when tradespeople will visit your home to carry out important maintenance work.

There are many advantages to using a letting agent when renting or managing your property. They carry out stringent vetting procedures to ensure you get the best possible tenants, they also advertise your property and handle all the paperwork for each unit. In addition, they can deal with any property management or maintenance issues.

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