When to Call a Locksmith

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There are many situations when a key becomes lost or damaged. When this happens, you may lose use of your car or home door. A home may be less urgent, as there usually is another door to use. Cars, however can be more complicated. The door and the ignition can become damaged, even if the key is still usable. Most locksmiths can be out to help immediately, as they are set up for emergencies.

The Car

Cars are usually urgent when it comes to needing help with locks. You may have locked the keys inside, or lost them altogether. Even if you can get into your car, there is no way to start the ignition. An attempted theft of the car can leave the locks damaged, as well. Your key may no longer fit in the keyhole. Sometimes you must call quickly, as you may be stranded away from home when these things happen. It is good to keep the name of a professional on-hand in case of these car emergencies.

  • Attempted theft, damaged keyhole
  • Damaged ignition
  • Lost keys


The door to your home can be complicated, as they are often made up of heavy duty locks. When these are damaged, locksmiths in BR7 can help you determine the extent of the damage. Many can replace parts, saving you from more extensive work. Many people simply call for services when they need the locks changed. This can happen when you move into a new home or break off a relationship.

Locks are an important part of keeping your home and car safe. When things go wrong, a lock specialist can help to get you back inside the building or vehicle. They are usually available at all hours, so you are not left stranded. Dependable help is only a phone call away.



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