Who wants to be a Crane Operator

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The task of a crane operator is not just shifting items around from A to B, but more importantly to ensure that all safety procedures are in place and professionally followed through. A crane itself is one of the biggest, and therefore, most hazardous pieces of working apparatus on the planet.

And for that very reason, anyone who is operating one must be professionally trained and take their job extremely seriously. This is not a job for those who are faint of heart.

Should any crane operator be operating a mobile crane that is transported from site to site, one of the most critical responsibilities is to carry out a pre-operation inspection. This includes inspecting and ensuring that all hydraulic systems are:

Operating is Not Quite as Easy As it looks

A skilled crane operator’s job is the shifting of heavy items safely from one place to another, and quite frequently, the locations are higher or sometimes even lower than its original position, thus the need for a machine to carry out all lifting and moving. An operator must navigate the main arm (boom) into the proper place, lowering a line and hook that is then attached to the load and then moved to its destination.

On other duties, a crane operator will be doing demolition work with the use of a wrecking ball. On every duty, a crane operator will have to make the proper choices, and skilfully use the many gears of a crane to do the job.

Definitely Not for Everyone!

Crane operators sometimes have to labour long hours, and in difficult situations and surroundings. Construction work has never been the sort of common job where there is a steady shift and hours. Crane operators can also be subject to financial fluctuations in the economy, and seasonal weather changes.

Operators who happen to live in colder climes where it may freeze in the wintertime, may not sometimes have that many openings for any type of operator work. During such times, a number of them may have to look out a secondary job to help supplement an income.

Keeping in Contact

Crane operator will have to always keep the very best channel of communication with other workers close by. Should the communication breakdown, it will then be the operator’s duty to quickly arrange how best to carry on. Normally, this means the suspension of all operations until all communications are set back up.

There you have it, certainly not as easy a job as it may look and just sitting there pushing and pulling levers! And, certainly not also for anybody who doesn’t wish to take on responsibilities!

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