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We are renowned for the analysis, review, opinion and insight that our website provides to a diverse and discerning audience. Every day the content we create is setting with high quality standards to achieve our gold to help people better decisions.


ZoneMaster help people on their decision what tech to buy, showing the best products on the market and how to get the most out of it to solving problems.


In recent years, we have also developed specially tailored services and experiences for our customers within the areas of tech, entertainment, financial services and events.

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Adam Booth

Adam Booth, Managing Editor

As a writer I have been documented numerous editorials. I love to write about business and tech editorials with proper market research, while keeping myself informed about the latest developments in trending topics.



2371 Deer Haven Drive, HAMMOND MT, 59332.

[email protected]


Ann McMillan

Ann McMillan, Senior Editor

I am a Systems Engineer and also have a degree in English Literature. I thoroughly enjoy writing and reporting, and am happy to be a contributor to ZoneMaster News.



241 Confederate Drive, Fabius NY, 13063.
[email protected]

Dermot OCasey

Dermot O'Casey, Senior Editor

I am a graduate of Jefferson University and have been working as an entry-level mechanical engineer since graduation. As I have an interest in new technology and always wanted to begin a publication reporting on new gadgets and tech.



551 Rodney Street, Pevely MO, 63070

[email protected]


Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider, Senior Editor

I am a .NET developer with over 10 years of professional programming experience. I have a deep understanding of technology and new gadgets, and enjoy writing for zonemaster during my spare time.


210 Cedar Lane, Somerville MA, 02143.

[email protected]



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