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One of the largest and fastest-growing Internet audiences in the world, China is tempting for US technology companies such as Google and Facebook, which have been making overtures to Beijing. Google is planning to relaunch a search service in mainland China, complete with government censorship, according to The Intercept. Although Google pulled its search engine […]
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During a visit to Detroit previous year, President Trump announced his administration would assess and correct the current vehicle fuel-economy standards, or Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). Implementing that “50-state solution” is nearly certain to come into conflict with California’s statewide mileage requirements, which are stricter than the federal government’s. In scrapping it, the administration […]
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Ohio State University will be using a “special, independent board working group” to investigate the domestic abuse allegations of the wife of a former assistant football coach, the school announced on Thursday afternoon. Ryan Day, who has been the team’s offensive coordinator, will be acting head football coach while Meyer is on leave. College football […]


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